May Day Activities: Letter to CUPW Locals and Supporting Resolution for Labour Councils

March 22, 2012  -  17:00

Labour / Letter


RE: May Day 2012 – Action Required

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It’s time to plan May Day activities with members, allies, and district labour councils.

Our message for this May Day is about standing up for the right to strike as part of the fundamental freedom of association. We exercise the right to strike when necessary to resist clawbacks and austerity measures and to fight for a better society. We need to show our collective power on May Day and demonstrate that we will stand up for decent jobs and strong public services for all.

This is not just about the labour movement. Our strength is linked with civil society, with students, and with groups and activists who were mobilized by the occupy actions of 2011.

We sent a resolution for your local labour council a few weeks ago – the text is attached. Please take it to meetings and use it to organize at the grassroots. The Harper conservatives have a majority in both houses of parliament and the site for resistance is in the streets, now and continuing after May Day.

The National office will produce materials for handout to the public and send them out in April.

In the meantime, please talk to your allies for your local actions on May Day. We are never alone in standing up for our rights.

Please remember to take photos and videos of your actions and share them with the National office.

In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin
National President



National Executive Committee, Regional Executive Committees, National Union Representatives, Regional Union Representatives, Transition Committee, AA Committee, RSMC Negotiatiors

Because the Conservative government is set to launch a massive campaign of austerity,

And because only a grassroots mobilization can halt Harper’s attacks,

And because organized labour can play a key role in this struggle,

And because we must reach out to and include our community allies to mobilize the broader public,

The ______________ and District Labour Council will convene a public meeting to launch a community solidarity coalition to mobilize resistance to the Conservative government.

This document is available in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Please click here to download it.


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