End of long gun registry “sad day” for workplace


Posted: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Canadian Labour Congress condemns this week’s Senate vote to end the long gun registry. “It’s a sad day for workplace and community safety,” said CLC President Ken Georgetti.

The legislation to scrap the registry, destroy the data and gut the oversight requirements for gun purchases passed without amendment.

There is substantial evidence about the registry’s importance in reducing the number of homicides, domestic violence incidents and suicides using rifles and shotguns, as well as the testimony of law enforcement organizations about its importance in helping police prevent, investigate and solve crimes.

“We are particularly concerned that the Senate did not hear any testimony from women’s groups or organizations serving women who experience domestic violence,” said Georgetti. “Clearly this is a decision driven by ideology and not by a commitment to keep our communities safe”.

Georgetti expressed support for the Quebec government’s efforts to save the data in order to set up its own registry. The Quebec government is seeking an injunction to protect the registry’s data until such time as a judge can consider whether federal government’s actions are unconstitutional. “We are calling on all provincial governments to join Quebec’s effort. We can’t let such an important tool go to waste,” said Georgetti.


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