Job numbers continue to plummet despite Premier’s promises


April 10, 2012

Vancouver BC – Despite repeated announcements by struggling premier Christy Clark that her Jobs Program is taking off, the real story more closely reflects a nose-dive with the latest Statistics Canada figures showing British Columbia shed 9,000 full time jobs from February to March.

Even with a growth in part-time jobs of more than 7,000, British Columbia saw a net loss of jobs in the range of 1,700, boosting our unemployment rate to seven percent.

Meanwhile, on a national basis, the trend was the opposite. Employment grew during the same period from February to March by 82,300 jobs, and unemployment fell to 7.2 percent from 7.4 percent.

"The Premier’s job strategy is clearly failing British Columbians," said B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair. "It doesn’t matter how many photo opportunities are created, it does not mean one new job is created for the unemployed of the province.

Unfortunately the recent numbers reflect a long-term trend in the province where we continue to trail behind the rest of the country on several fronts including jobs creation and exports. In the past five years, the province has seen full-time employment fall by 4.5 percent, a loss of 9,400 jobs. Also in the past year, manufacturing sales across Canada grew by an average of five percent, while in British Columbia they increased by a mere 0.3 percent.

Sinclair said that working people need a jobs program that trains British Columbians and adds value to our resources, not one that exports raw logs and imports temporary foreign workers.

"Raw log exports are a symbol of the complete failure of the Liberals’ job strategy," he charged. "The most recent case where the government ordered the export of logs, despite a ruling from their own panel not to, resulted in mills being idled while foreign mills benefited."

"There is no jobs policy now and there never has been," he said. "There has only been a policy that has left the middleclass in shambles, the poor abandoned and the wealthy celebrating record income."


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