Earth Day – April 22



April 11, 2012  -  17:00

Environment / Bulletin


Our planet faces an environmental crisis of major proportions, one that could challenge our very survival. Unions around the world are striving to address this crisis, while protecting the welfare of working women and men.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Labour Movement

Our union continues to work with labour (Canadian Labour Congress Environment Committee) and coalition groups such as the Council of Canadians, The Green Economy Network, and the Tri Agency.

We have been directly involved with the CLC, CAW and the Labour Council in Windsor, Ontario in pushing forward the Green Economy Network (GEN) agenda. GEN has 3 priorities:

  1. A Renewable Energy Development Strategy;
  2. Green Homes and Green Building Strategy; and
  3. A National Public Transportation Strategy.

The Windsor Labour Council is now on board with an objective of pressuring governments to develop a high speed rail system from Windsor to Québec. The immediate objective is to hold an environmental forum in Windsor on May 9.

CUPW has also successfully applied for a grant via the Work In a Warming World working group. The grant will finance the wages of a graduate student who will work with CUPW, UNI and academics at York University to conduct a study of environmental best practices of international postal unions and postal administrations.

At the last FTQ convention a motion was passed to hold a forum on the nationalization of natural resources. The forum is scheduled on May 22 and 23 in Trois-Rivières.

CUPW was also involved in the United Nations Climate Change 2011 Conference in Durban, the Work in a Warming World Atlantic Forum held in September 2011, and the Provincial and Territorial Climate Change Leadership conference held in Montréal last fall and organized by the Climate Action Network. Following our participation in these forums written reports were produced and presented to the National Executive Board, the CLC Environment Committee and the National Health & Safety Committee.

CUPW National Convention

Our Union is moving forward on environmental issues working with the Labour Movement and other organizations. During our national convention held in October 2011 we passed motions to include the following policies in our national constitution:

  • F–1 Fundamental Environmental Principles
  • F-6 Protecting our Planet

We have now added a new section (F) to our policies entitled “CUPW and the Environment” which includes the above-mentioned policies as well as the following pre-existing policies:

  • F-2 Nuclear Energy
  • F-3 Pollution
  • F-4 Water
  • F-5 National Resources

Web Sites

To obtain more information on environmental issues please go to the following web sites:


The World’s Children are counting on us

In solidarity,
Donald Lafleur
4th National Vice-President


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