Young Workers Urge BC Liberals to Restore Grant’s Law


April 13, 2012

Vancouver BC – The BC Federation of Labour Employee Action & Rights Network (EARN) will be asking late night workers and members of the public for support to restore Grant’s Law.

Following the tragic death of Grant De Patie, who was dragged to his death trying to stop a theft of $12.30 in gasoline from an Esso in Maple Ridge, Grant’s family joined with the labour movement to campaign for stronger protection for late night retail workers.

After De Patie’s death, the BC Liberals promised to improve the laws to protect late night workers. Grant’s Law stated that workers who worked between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am had to have another person working with them, or had to have a barrier between them and the customer to protect workers from harm.

Following extensive lobbying by private liquor stores and convenience stores, that promise was broken. Instead, the Workers Compensation Board has introduced regulations to protect cash and property of late night retail outlets, but abandoned any of the protections for workers.

As a symbol of solidarity with workers everywhere in BC who will be forced to work alone under the new ineffective regulations, EARN members will join late night workers at a local convenience store.

Date: Saturday, April 14,, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 601 East Broadway (in front of Mac’s Convenience Store)

Spokesperson: Stephen Von Sychowski, Chair, Employee Action Rights Network,
B.C. Federation of Labour Young Workers’ Committee

For more information contact Kassandra Cordero: 778-239-0569 or Jessie Uppal: 604-220-0739.


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