Help end the Rio Tinto lockout in Alma, Quebec

Workers at the Rio Tinto smelter in Alma Quebec have been locked-out for months. Rio Tinto is making a demand familiar to every union member at every Rio Tinto facility on the planet: a 50 per cent wage cut.

A global attack on workers deserves a global response. USW Canada is leading the charge for all Rio Tinto workers everywhere with the Get Off the Podium campaign. It aims to draw global attention to Rio Tinto’s labour practices by ending its status as an official supplier of metals for the medals used in the Olympic Games.

Take 20 seconds out of your day, join the USW-LabourStart campaign and send a message to the International Olympic Committee and Rio Tinto HERE.

Please also consider passing this urgent appeal on to all your contacts.

On a more upbeat note, Straight Goods (the progressive news site) is sponsoring a two-day workshop by Terry O’Reilly, host of CBC’s Age of Persuasion and Under the Influence, entitled Reviving Labour’s Image. Space is limited and this event is a must for anyone looking to change the popular negative image of trade unions. More info HERE.


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