To all BCGEU members at LDB

30 Apr ’12

Earlier today the provincial government issued a Negotiated Request for Proposals (NRFP) for the privatization of the liquor warehousing and distribution system which is currently delivered by the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Initial proposals are due by June 29, 2012. The successful proposal will be announced on or about October 16, 2012. The government will complete negotiations on an agreement with the successful proponent on or about March 1, 2013.

Your union is examining the NRFP to see how it will impact BCGEU members who work at LDB.

The Article 29 Committee continues to meet with the employer to foresee and address any potential impact on members.

Your union is also developing a full scale campaign to oppose this privatization. A detailed plan has been sent to the campaign committee. It outlines a full scale campaign that will engage our members, the public, government and the media.

It will include advertising, media relations, public outreach and lobbying. The goal is to oppose the privatization of the LDB warehouse and distribution system and to head-off any possible privatization of the retail stores.

Let’s get ready to defend the public liquor distribution and retail system that has served British Columbians for decades.



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