RSMC Negotiations: CUPW Presents Global Offer

May 8, 2012  -  17:30

RSMC Negotiations 2012 / Bulletin

2012 RSMC Negotiations Bulletin No. 10

Yesterday the CUPW RSMC National Negotiating Committee presented Canada Post with a Global Offer for Settlement. The Union’s offer is a comprehensive proposal which includes collective agreement language on all of the issues in dispute.

Central to our proposal is the Union’s demand for full equality with the terms and conditions that exist in the collective agreement which covers Urban Operations employees including wages, benefits, rights and working conditions.

Key Provisions in the Union’s Global Offer include:

Wages: The wage proposal provides for a national wage scale identical to that for letter carriers as determined by the back to work legislation. The maximum wage rates are as follows:

       January 1, 2012:      $24.57 per hour

       February 1, 2012:     $24.94 per hour

       February 1, 2013:     $25.44 per hour

       February 1, 2014:     $25.95 per hour

The Union rejects CPC’s proposal for regional rates. Employees whose hourly rate exceeds those in the Urban agreement shall continue to receive their hourly rate until such a time as the negotiated national pay exceeds their rate of pay or until their route is restructured under the time values with the inclusion of the meal and rest periods. Red circled employees shall receive a lump sum payment of 1% of their current salaries on January 1st of each year.

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA): The COLA will be effective on February 1, 2012 and trigger after the Consumer Price Index increases 5.5% more than its level as of January 2012.

Hours of Work: Employees shall be paid for all hours of work with overtime rates paid at either time and a half (1½ ) or double (2) time as appropriate. The entitlement to paid meal periods and 15 minute paid rest periods shall be the same as those included in the Urban Operations collective agreement. The half-hour paid meal period and rest periods will be applied immediately to all routes for the purposes of pay and shall be included in the calculation of work time.

Time Values and Restructures: All routes will be restructured based on new time values which have been proposed by the Union and which cover all aspects of RSMC work based on an eight-hour (8) day. There shall be an agreed upon schedule for the restructures, with a minimum of 20% of routes to be restructured by January 31, 2013, another 40% by January 31, 2014, and the rest prior to the expiry of the collective agreement. The rules for restructures, including the Union’s rights to participate and observe will be the same as under the Urban Operations agreement. Routes shall be selected by seniority.

Benefits: The following benefits shall apply:

  • The long term disability plan (LTD) which is available to other employees at Canada Post.

  • Yearly updates to the dental fee guide.

  • All permanent employees shall be entitled to the drug plan and the rest of the extended health care plan (EHCP).

The Union rejects the Employer’s proposal for a defined contribution pension plan for new hires.

Vacation Leave: Effective January 1, 2012 all employees shall be entitled to four weeks of paid vacation upon completion of seven (7) years of service.

Paid Sick Leave: Include a program of paid of sick leave. Employees shall accumulate sick leave credits at the rate of one and one quarter (1¼) days per month.

Injury on Duty Leave: Employees on injury on duty leave to receive pay equal to 100% of the regular wages under rules identical to the Urban Operations collective agreement.

Uniforms: The uniform entitlement shall be the same as that of the letter carriers as provided for in the Urban Operations agreement.

Technological Change and Job Security: No lay off of any employee who was employed as of January 1, 2012 or employees hired after January 1, 2012 who have five years of service. These employees may be required to be relocated up to 40 kilometres. Other employees shall not be laid off provided they are prepared to relocate to an available vacancy. Provisions of guaranteed employment, pay, and classification and provisions for retraining and a displacement allowance shall apply in cases of technological change.

Corporate Provided Vehicles: CPC to provide corporate-owned right hand drive vehicles to all routes that provide service to more than 50 rural mailboxes per hour or a total of 185 or more rural mailboxes per day. There shall be a process to require CPC to provide vehicles to other RSMCs in addition to those servicing rural mail boxes.  CPC shall be responsible for all costs associated with Corporate vehicles. Employees who have recently entered into a lease or loan agreement for their vehicle shall be given the option of delaying the implementation until their lease or loan arrangement has expired. All special allowances shall continue.

Vehicle Allowance: Employees shall receive the maximum CRA rate for their vehicle allowance.

Rights to Union Representation: Union representatives shall have access to the workplace in the same manner that applies to other bargaining units. Union stewards shall have the right to communicate with employees and prepare and present grievances during their hours of work without loss of pay.

Relief Employees: RSMCs shall no longer have the obligation to provide their own replacements. CPC shall be responsible for hiring relief employees and for covering all absences. There shall be a minimum of 1 permanent relief employee per installation or group of installations with 12 routes. If additional relief employees would have been required more than sixty-five per cent of the preceding 12 months an additional position will be established. On-Call Relief Employees (OCREs) will be available to cover other absences. One On-Call Relief Employee (OCREs) will be hired in offices of 1-6 routes and 2 OCREs will be hired for offices of 7-11 routes. Permanent relief employees shall have the same rights as RSMC route holders.

Rights of On-Call Relief Employees (OCREs): The rights of OCREs shall be improved and included in the collective agreement.

Admail: The payments, time values and rules of delivery for admail shall be standardized. The rate of payment shall be 2.3 cents per piece with a maximum weight of 230 grams, 4.0 cents up to 500 grams, 5.0 cents for pieces of a width between 6 and 9 inches. Oversized admail shall be paid at 10.0 cents up to 1000 grams and 15.0 cents up to 2000 grams.

It’s Time for Equality

Everyone in the postal service knows that the work of RSMCs requires the same levels of skill, effort and responsibility as that of Urban Operations workers. Canada Post must acknowledge its legal and moral responsibility to provide pay equity to RSMCs. Your Negotiating Committee is working hard to explain to the employer why our demands are just, reasonable and necessary. In order to convince management we will need the active support of all RSMCs. The time for equality is now.

In solidarity,
Donald Lafleur
4th National Vice-President and Chief Negotiator


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