bc Labour heritage centre wants your stories

June 14, 2013     http://www.labourheritagecentre.ca


Not many people may know about the BC Labour Heritage Centre, so to help their goals and objectives in collecting and chronicling BC labour history for people of today and future generations, the WKLC is taking this opportunity to explain what they are trying to do.  Read on.

About the BC Labour Heritage Centre

British Columbia enjoys a rich and vibrant work history. Workers, employers, and unions all played their part in the growth of Canada’s western –most province. This history has been at times celebrated, but seldom in a sustained way, and never from the unique perspective of B.C.’s working people. Recognizing the vital contributions of governments and industries, as well as the risks investors took when opening doors of opportunity, the Labour Heritage Centre concentrates on the women and men from all ethnic backgrounds who have walked through those doors and made an immeasurable social and economic contribution to building, and sustaining, British Columbia.

This history is not only ours, here in B.C.  It is also the historical development of Canada, Canadian society, and North American economy. It is the voice of those who came before us, their struggles and vision of the future, from the perspective of workers.


J.J. (Jack) Munro, Chair
Mervyn Van Steinburg, Vice-Chair
Andy Neufeld, Secretary-Treasure


Amber Hockin
Gary Steeves
Michelle Laurie
Brooke Sundin
Ken Novakowksi
Irene Lanzinger


The Labour Heritage Project would not have been possible without the contributions of those who recognize the importance of valuing the past, present, and future workers of BC:

Other Sponsors

Share Your Stories

We are looking for your stories about work!

What was your first experience working? Your most unusual job? A period without work? A memorable moment that you want to share? Important skills or lessons that you have learned?

We would like to include your story on our website:  



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