Hey Premiers: Stand up to Harper on pensions, health care and the economy

Jul 17, 2013 02:34 PM    http://cupe.ca/

Hey, Premiers!


When Canada’s premiers meet for the annual Council of the Federation they should seize the opportunity to push for improvements to pensions, health care and the economy. The meeting will be held July 24-26, in Niagara and CUPE will be there, along with other organizations pushing for change

The timing of this meeting is critical. It is the last meeting of our premiers before the 10 year Health Accord expires. The accord sets the terms for health care funding and priorities between the federal and provincial governments.

The federal government has been neglecting its responsibility to protect public Medicare. CUPE is joining with our allies to urge the premiers to tackle critical issues facing Canada, including the pressing need for the federal government to take action on health care and retirement security.

“Provincial and territorial governments need stable and adequate funding from the federal government to ensure that all Canadians receive the same high-quality publically delivered health care in every community across the country,” said Paul Moist, national president of CUPE. “The federal government must come to the table with provinces and territories to negotiate a new 10-year Health Accord with stable and adequate funding, including at minimum the six per cent escalator. “

Civil society groups are coming together to stand up for health care by organizing a Shadow Summit and a mass rally which will coincide with the Council of the Federation meeting. CUPE will have a strong presence at the event with buses coming from across Ontario. Paul Moist will speak at the rally and will chair part of the Shadow Summit.  (Find out more about the event.)

If you can’t make it to the events in Niagara, you can still have a say.

Please write your premier through CUPE’s online letter writing tool.

Write a letter to your premier about:


Read the letter to the premiers from Paul Moist, CUPE national president.


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