Support for privatizing Canada Post is a minority view

Dear editors:

Michel Kelly-Gagnon (“Will Canada Post reform as they’re doing in U.K.?”, July 31) describes privatization as “reform” and suggests that Canada Post, in public hands, doesn’t have enough incentive to succeed. CUPW believes the federal government is exactly the right shareholder, since the “return” it demands is the public benefit of the service, as opposed to cash profit.

Canada Post has plenty of incentive to remain financially self-sufficient while providing the service. Indeed, it hasn’t yet required support from taxpayers for its operations, and has instead returned hundreds of millions in dividends and income taxes to the public purse.

As well, few among the public agree with his urge to privatize. A Stratcom poll that was commissioned by CUPW in May found that 69% of respondents opposed privatizing Canada Post and 71% opposed deregulation (allowing private companies to deliver lettermail in Canada). Stratcom also found that over half (58%) of respondents who supported deregulation would change their minds if it would mean the end of one-price-goes-anywhere service for the price of a stamp.

Denis Lemelin
National President
Canadian Union of Postal Workers


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