Marine Drive Golf Club Locks Out Food & Beverage Workers

August 7, 2013

Marine Drive Golf Club, the exclusive club with a $75,000 initiation fee, has locked out its servers, cooks, bartenders, locker room attendants and janitors.   The lockout affects 48 workers who work in the Bullpen (Men’s Lounge), the Mixed Grill, the dining room as well as in the women and men’s locker rooms.   Many of the workers are long-term employees of the Club, some with more than 30 years of service.

Workers locked out at Marine Drive Golf Club.

Workers locked out at Marine Drive Golf Club.

The Club has refused to let workers return to work and has terminated workers’ medical benefits.  The workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 40, have been locked out since July 26.

Management enforced the lockout after workers turned down the company’s long-standing proposal offering average wage increases of only $0.17 cents.   The Club’s proposal reneges on an earlier promise made by Club management in 2010 to offer a better agreement during this current round of bargaining.  In 2010, when the Club hit a rough patch, workers agreed to minimal wage increases and made other sacrifices for the good of the Club.  At the time, the Chief Operating Officer of the Club told workers the Club would “do better” by the food and beverage staff when the contract re-opened in 2013.  However, Club management has failed to stand by its word.  Meanwhile, the Club’s financial performance has steadily improved.

In spite of the lockout, workers and Local 40 have been willing to continue bargaining with the Club in order to reach a settlement and resolve outstanding issues.


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