Tell North Shore Winter Club managers and board that it’s time to end the lockout

CUPE 389 members at the North Shore Winter Club (NSWC) in North Vancouver have been locked out by their employer since May 3, after only four days of negotiations. CUPE employees at the NSWC are dedicated professionals who ensure the health and safety of the family recreation centre.

The NSWC is attempting to force CUPE employees into accepting a subpar agreement which includes zero wage increase, proposed cuts to sick time and vacation time as well as changes to language which could result in reductions to CUPE employee’s work hours.

Since initiating the lockout, NSWC managers and the board of directors have been found guilty of hiring scabs to perform CUPE employees’ work. They have also violated provincial safe working practices and told long-term employees they “don’t care” about them.

It’s time to end this senseless lockout so CUPE employees can return to work and negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement. Please take a moment and send an email to NSWC managers and the board of directors telling them to end the lockout now.

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