This month in labour rights history

The Quebec Superior Court ruled that Quebec’s 2003 An Act to modify bargaining units and local bargaining (Bill 30) violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The law forced the more…

November 30, 2007

This marked the beginning of a ten-day wildcat strike by Alberta health care workers when 120 laundry workers members walked off the job after the Calgary Regional Health Authority declared they were more…

November 12, 1995

With the passage of the Labour Code of British Columbia Act (Bill 11), British Columbia became the first jurisdiction in Canada to impose first contract arbitration on employers and unions that are more…

November 7, 1973

It was this day that Quebec Premier Jean Lesage in his opening statement at the Federal-Provincial Conference in Ottawa made this famous quote "The Queen does not negotiate with her subjects more…

November 26, 1963

Saskatchewan’s new CCF government passed the Trade Union Act, the first legislation of its kind in North America to give government employees the right to form unions and bargain collectively more…

November 14, 1944


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