Why the Rich Want You to Hate Your Union

Stephen Elliott-Buckley        Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Greed is a powerful thing. It motivates the greedy to convince workers that they should hate any efforts to make their work better and reduce the level of abuse and oppression they suffer.

If you’d like a list of why they want us to hate our unions, click through to enjoy this brilliant cartoon.

And while you enjoy this light, graphic representation, remember that the list isn’t exclusive. We can also add in this idea that non-union workers are trained to hate unionized workers who make more money than them. The goal, apparently, is that if you’re suffering with pay below a living wage, inferior benefits and no pension, those pesky union workers should suffer just like you, not that HEY, MAYBE YOU DESERVE A LIVING WAGE, DECENT BENEFITS AND A PENSION ALSO!

The rich, and their corporate media, are trying to break down our solidarity and make us fight each other while our wages have barely budged since the 1970s when you factor in inflation.

That, my dear friends, is how the rich get richer.

Enjoy the comic! Then figure out how to stand up for yourselves, remembering that millions already have your back!



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