Postal Workers Will Work With Allies to Defend Door-to-Door Delivery

December 11, 2013  –  16:20

Canada Post / Bulletin


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers will work with our community allies and fight back against Canada Post management’s unilateral decision to cut delivery services.

Replacing door-to-door delivery with Community Mail Boxes is a totally unnecessary measure that will penalize millions of people. The CUPW will work with community groups, pensioners, organizations of disabled persons, individuals, municipal politicians, the labour movement and everyone to preserve door-to-door delivery in their communities. In the 1980s a Conservative government led by Brian Mulroney tried to close and privatize all but eleven of the retail outlets of Canada Post. CUPW, together with the labour movement and our community and political allies, mobilized to fight back and we succeeded. In 1993, the first act of the newly-elected Liberal government was to introduce a moratorium on postal closures.

Time For Another Direction

Other postal administrations are addressing the problem of falling volumes of letters by introducing new revenue-generating services, such as postal banking, financial services and introduction of new parcel delivery options. Instead of innovations CPC has nothing to offer but more of the same failed policies of cutbacks and rate increases. CUPW has been vigorously campaigning to bring back and expand postal banking, with growing support from municipalities and groups across the country. Postal banks have proven to be a solid source of income for post offices. They can also provide a much needed financial resource for people in rural areas and low income sections of urban centres, which the banks have abandoned.

Our Struggle: Our Future

It is the hope of the Conservative government and Canada Post management that by cutting services and eliminating 6,000 – 8,000 jobs CPC will once again generate hundreds of millions in profits, which can then be distributed in the form of dividends to the government and bonuses for CPC managers. This is not our vision of the future. The post office belongs to the public and should have public service as its priority. The Canada Post Corporation Act clearly calls for CPC to be financially self-sufficient. It is the challenge for CUPW to demonstrate to the public that CPC can achieve this objective by expanding into new revenue-generating services instead of imposing unilateral cutbacks. We are ready and capable of meeting this challenge.

In solidarity,
Denis Lemelin
National President


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