Local governments urging Canada Post to reconsider cuts

UBCM is concerned for vulnerable citizens

community mailbox                                                                                 courtesy canadapost.ca

Jason Howe December 15, 2013    http://www.news1130.com

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The group that represents local governments across the province is concerned about a plan by Canada Post to phase out door delivery.

The Union of BC Municipalities has been urging against service cuts for a while now.

Canada Post‘s recent announcement caught many by surprise, but reductions have been on local government radar for a while now.

Back in 2011, a motion was passed by the Union of BC Municipalities, calling on the Crown corporation to avoid cuts.

UBCM President Rhona Martin says door delivery is valuable, especially for seniors. “Local government does understand there’s the need for efficiency, but we also recognize there’s another thing that you have to factor into that, and that is the needs of our citizens.”

“I do realize there are great portions of Canada that do not have door-to-door delivery, but for many seniors or shut-ins, door-to-door delivery is a great benefit for them,” she adds.

Canada Post says door delivery will end within the next few years for the one third of households that still receive it.

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