Canucks: Rehire Your Concession Workers!


When Rosario Rosette, 64, heard the news that Canucks Sports & Entertainment would be terminating their contract with Aramark, she was stunned. “This job has been my bread and butter. At 64, it will not be easy to look for another job,” said Rosette, a concessions cook at Rogers Arena for 17 years.

On March 10, more than 900 Aramark Concession, Club Seats, Vending, Kitchen, Restaurant, Suites, Catering, Janitorial and Warehouse workers at Rogers Arena were notified that they had been fired. The Canucks terminated Aramark’s contract effective June 30, 2014 and will operate food service themselves.

This mass termination affects many dedicated, long-term workers, some of whom have served Canucks’ fans since the arena first opened 19 years ago. The majority of the staff are working women, and many are immigrants.

“After 17 years with the Canucks, I have been with the team through thick and thin. We don’t understand why Canucks management wouldn’t want to keep us here,” said Rosette, a member of Local 40, who immigrated to Vancouver from the Philippines.

Local 40 believes that the current staff should be first hired by the Canucks. We urge Canucks to do what other major sports venues in North America have done and retain the current experienced concessions staff.

Thus far, Canucks management has not agreed to retain any of the current workers. Canucks management held a job fair at UBC the day after Aramark workers were notified of the termination. On March 26, Canucks Sports & Entertainment quietly posted most hourly concession positions online:

Local 40 is strongly urging all Aramark workers at Rogers Center to reapply for their jobs. Just like Rosario, the overwhelming majority of current staff want and need to keep their jobs at Rogers Arena.

The Union will be providing assistance to any Aramark member seeking help with their online applications. For assistance, please contact us at 604-360-0507604-360-0507.


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