CLC Convention Discuss Policy Papers

27th Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress May 5-9, 2014

Policy Papers

Discussion Paper – Organizing for a Fairer Tomorrow

Our Challenge: Completing the Deal

At the core of the labour movement stands our capacity to negotiate a fair deal in the workplace, one that delivers both incredible value to workers as well as positive social and economic spin-offs that benefit their communities and Canadian society as a whole. That often overlooked contribution was recently praised by Conservative Senator Hugh Segal, who declared that active unions and free collective bargaining have been critical to the establishment of a stable and prosperous middle class, making Canada “a better place to live.”

At the bargaining table and in the public policy sphere, unions have won gains and benefits that have lifted the living standards of all Canadians. For working people, the collective agreements delivered by the labour movement are the great equalizer, producing higher wages, workplace pensions, health benefits, job security, health and safety protections, and fair treatment at work.  Read more…

Policy Paper: Setting the stage for union renewal: Changing demographics in the workforce

Newcomers to Canada, Aboriginal peoples, youth, racialized employees, and persons with disabilities represent some of the largest groups of currently unorganized workers who stand to benefit from the Union Advantage. Because these workers struggle daily with issues like pay inequity and discrimination – matters that unions are well placed to tackle – the “together FAIRNESS WORKS” initiative could not be more timely for them.

Recognizing that the demographic changes occurring across Canada will need to be understood and reflected in the labour movement, the changing face and subsequent growth of union membership will be determined in large part by our ability to address the most pressing issues facing these communities. Read the entire paper.

Policy Paper: An economy for a fairer tomorrow

The task of each generation is to adapt Canada’s economic and social foundations to meet new realities while remaining true to our core values such as fairness and broadly shared prosperity. The labour movement, often in the face of fierce opposition and attacks from powerful and privileged interests, has embodied those values as it helped build Canada’s middle class and fought for fairness on behalf of all people.

Together, we have fought for and won many things that improve the quality of life for all Canadians: decent jobs, fair wages, and pensions; public Medicare and education; minimum wages, unemployment insurance, and safer workplaces; weekends, statutory holidays, and paid vacation time; and maternity, adoption, and parental leave. The record is clear: when workers get together and stand up for fairness—they get results.  Read more..


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